About Us

The Green LA Coalition is unique. Unlike other coalitions, Green LA addresses multiple issues simultaneously. Composed of over sixty active organizations, Green LA expands the influence of individual groups by joining their efforts with others. Through mutual cooperation, Green LA helps groups become more effective.

Formed in the fall of 2005 by local leaders, Green LA embarked on a singular mission to dramatically transform Los Angeles into a national leader in environmental health and equity.  With initial support from the Liberty Hill Foundation and Environment Now Green LA grew into a vibrant and unprecedented coalition of environmental and environmental justice organizations.   The Liberty Hill Foundation incubated and nurtured Green LA, raising funds to hire its first full-time director and staff in 2007.    Since June 2009, Green LA has been a project of Community Partners, the region’s premier incubator of civic and social entrepreneurs.

Green LA is working to improve the LA environment on numerous fronts.  Participating members come from every wake of environmental, environmental justice and community-based segment and are organized via three work groups:

- Port of Los Angeles Work Group

- Urban Ecosystems Work Group

- Transportation Work Group

Via open, real-time communications with member organizations and over 100 additional allied organizations, informing the public about activities and accomplishments, and garnering the support needed to win environmental policies by leveraging relationships inside and out of LA’s policy-making realm, Green LA is considered the essential ‘go-to’ organization for collaboration, information and community engagement on the environment.