Green Jobs

Green jobs make green sense
Green LA’s Green Economy Initiative coordinates governmental, educational and non-profit efforts to attract green investment and jobs.

In 2008 and 2009 Green LA’s Green Economy Fellow, Jane Paul, helped win two specific policies fundamental to shaping LA’s future, Green Purchasing and Green Business Certification.

The Environmentally-Preferred Purchasing policy directs the city to buy environmentally-sustainable products. Green Business Certification encourages small businesses and hotels to embrace environmentally friendly practices, these may include conservation of energy and water resources, preventing pollution and managing waste safely.

The green way
For two years, Green LA and United Way have jointly convened the Green Jobs Leadership Network, an unprecedented effort focusing government, organized labor, colleges, workforce developers, businesses and environmentalists on creating local green jobs. The Network’s primary focus is moving LA’s local workforce toward newer, safer skills, educational opportunities and employment in our growing green economy.

Green Economy members are moving the community to embrace a future full of green concepts; a green manufacturing hub, clean technology center and advocating for even higher environmental standards will define LA’s economic development moving forward.