Associate Members
Updated: Feb 2012

Dear Green LA Coalition Partner and Friend,

2011 was quite a year for Green LA! We won victories for local water, parks, clean air and green infrastructure. We launched a campaign to ensure adequate revenues for local water supply and we helped convene the Alliance for Community Transit-Los Angeles (ACT-LA) to work for equity in development around transit. We are indeed growing a strong movement to transform Los Angeles into a just and sustainable city.

To best serve our community, Green LA’s Steering Committee and staff have decided to enact a system of membership and associate membership dues. While voluntary, the dues will be essential and integral to moving Green LA Coalition forward. We invite you to view associate membership dues as an opportunity to affirm your support for our network of environmental organizations and partners.

Associate Members are not active in a Green LA campaign, but play a crucial role in supporting our mission to build a strong movement to win campaigns to transform Los Angeles into a just and sustainable city. Associate Membership dues are a flat fee of $50, regardless of an organization’s size or budget. Your support will help to continue the legacy of a member-driven coalition fighting to transform Los Angeles into a national leader for environmental health and equity.

Please help us meet a challenge grant that will maximize the impact of each membership dues dollar. An anonymous donor has generously offered to match every $1 our members donate in dues, up to $5,000.  We see this opportunity as added incentive to have at least 85% of our partners contribute by the end of February. We deeply appreciate your help in hitting our goals!

Please find suggested dues and associate member benefits attached.

We look forward to many more years with your valuable partnership as an associate member of the Green LA Coalition. Best Wishes for 2012!

Warm Regards,

Stephanie Taylor
Interim Executive Director