Steering Committee

Steering Committee Members

Bill Gallegos
Communities for a Better Environment

Cara Horowitz
Emmett Center on Climate Change and the Environment

Angelo Logan
East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice

Jonathan Parfrey
Climate Resolve

Meredith McCarthy
Heal the Bay

Betty Hung
LA Taxi Workers Alliance

Michele Prichard
Liberty Hill Foundation

Ryan Lehman
Living Streets LA

Adriano Martinez
Natural Resources Defense Council

Deborah Weinstein

Tori Kjer
Trust for Public Land

Bill    Gallegos    Communities for a Better Environment
Cara    Horowitz     Emmett Center on Climate Change and the Environment
Angelo    Logan    East Yard Communitites for Environmental Justice
Jonathan    Parfrey    Green LA Coalition
Meredith    McCarthy    Heal the Bay
Betty    Hung    LA Taxi Workers Alliance
Michele    Prichard    Liberty Hill Foundation
Adriano    Martinez    Natural Resources Defense Counci
Serena    Lin    Public Counsel
Jerard    Wright    Sierra Club Angeles Chapter
Deborah    Weinstein    TreePeople
Tori     Kjer    Trust for Public Land
Ryan    Lehman